Advantages and what about competition?

  1. Distress devices or Smart phone ? There are many distress or tracker/sos devices in the market. The iAlert PLUS app’s different characteristic is that the users will always have it in their phone device.

  2. Smart phone device cost. The cost for a distress or tracker/sos device is pretty high. Much higher than the cost of a mid range, good quality smart phone. Also, many telecom providers sell their smart phones by subsidy or at a really low price.

  3. Alternative care . Gov services (911, 112), exists and provides good care for people. Such think these days, it is a really helpful act. Along with the iAlert PLUS app, you have an alternative solution and a personal service in case of emergency. Just in case! Besides that, you will be provided with additional data that may be useful for the emergency services and authorities in general.

  4. Subscription cost . Get the app from App and Play stores for free.  You can use many features of it even without subscription. If you decide pay for a subscription you can choose between monthly or annual period of time and you should also know that the cost is low. Very low! On the other hand, the benefits are various.

  5. Personal assistance . The subscription includes several help services from the SOC’s team.  A team with pro corresponders. The features of the app in correlation with your personal given data empower the SOC the opportunity act immediately for your safety plan.

  6. Catalog lists . iAlert PLUS supports simple catalog data such as lists of doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. In conjunction with your geolocation these data may be helpful. This kind of help is hard to find in common tracker/sos devices or even get it from the EU 112 service.

  7. Decision with autonomy . The operational design of the iAlert PLUS gives you the capabilities firstly find the right solution by your own. But if the things get worse then simple by a press of a button, get assisted from a pro safety team or even a doctor.  In the meantime, the SOC will inform your relatives and emergency services.

  8. Data quality . These days many smart phones, offer embedded tracker/sos services forwarding the user’s demands to the Gov service 911, 112 and/or sent positioning data to relatives as sms text. But until now none smart phone gives the ability to the user for an automatic operation which correlates a) the sensors data, b) tracks the footprints of the owner for the last 7 days, c) records the needs and sent them to an SOC for further analysis. In case of emergency every second counts. Such a precious level of data, the user needed.

  9. Careless. Statistically, most of the time people give a “zero” about safety of their own. Humanity slip to the phenomenon of "cognitive dissonance" and the factors concerning health, safety and prevention are missed in many ways. For those unfair situations give the opportunity to iAlert PLUS.

  10. Charging . Most tracker/sos devices are supplied with excellent battery capacity and thus the "stand by" time for these devices is ample. Unfortunately, quite often this beneficial characteristic makes users forget charge the device. On the other hand, the smart phone is the first device which surely be charged.

  11. Privacy . Tracker/sos devices fail to offer a moral frame for the user’s privacy police. Especially when young people use these devices, the situation gets more complicated because they feel that they are being watched by their parents. The only conclusion to be drawn is that they will leave the device at home. On the contrary smart phones offer a real frame for user’s privacy policy. The users are bound to accept the situation and as a result they will always have their smart phones together. In the phone’s settings managing privacy issues is so simple and so critical.

  12. Functions update. The smart phones evolve constantly and so does the iAlert PLUS, which is an application. The user will continuously receive updates concerning better sensors operation and new app functions.

  13. Languages. The app is running on a smart phone. Thus, the app has been already translated in 2 languages (English, Greek). More languages will come soon.